The name was born out of work with one of our partners in agriculture, and proved so apt that it slowly spread to all our similar programmes until it became a 'product' in its own right. 

The Sales Training Camp is a programme for experienced sales teams who are preparing for a specific period or a specific sales campaign. Typically they have to cope with high-priority targets or even more difficult than usual situations. In the training camp, we will build on our own personal experience and together we will develop, analyse and solve the negotiating situations they need to be prepared for. We "tweak" them until the team is fully prepared for the expected difficulties, all possible resistance has been taken into account, a realistic system of arguments has been developed - and of course all team members have the necessary motivation and commitment. 

Training camp work also includes, where appropriate, working with partner departments - typically marketing, production, purchasing. The aim is, among other things, to work through conflicts, perceived or real conflicts of interest, and to develop a common platform.