Team Coaching

Systematic, process-oriented coaching programme for groups of cooperating people (project teams, professional units). Its objectives are: 

  • Maintenance: sustainable development, preserving agility (coaching in everyday life).
  • Development: processing difficulties, problems, frozen situations (coaching at times of crisis).

When does a group/team need maintenance? Always. Any time. An average group turns towards coaching when it has already met a problem, got stuck, need immediate improvement. It takes a lot of energy to get out of trouble. If all this energy is channelled into the teams operations when things still go smoothly, a lot can be gained. This is a chance to reach a different level, to find new ways, new resources, new opportunities. At the same time, minor problems, conflicts at their initial phase are brought to the surface. By processing, solving them, we can avoid negative performance spiral. My clients who apply this model operate more stably, adopt to the changes of their environment more quickly, turn towards their work, tasks inspired. Maintenance is an open-end process made up of regularly held sessions, focusing on actual daily topics of the team.

Coaching for development is the solution when a team gets into a situation which pushes it out of its balance. When energy is wasted, connections are being destroyed, performance is getting undermined. Sweeping problems under the carpet or solving them by power and force seldom bring real solution. Sincerely facing the problems, real understanding and processing them is the alternative for the team if it wants to grow out of the situation stronger, more mature. Coaching for development is usually a closed-end process. We work with clearly defined time-frame, objectives and topics.

Specific team coaching processes: